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June and July 2014


  • World Cup USA fever (short lived)
  • Saw Robyn and Royskopp perform at Marymoor Park (Fifi was in town too)
  • Jerry came to visit
    • We hiked a short hike at Mt. Rainier; it was quite misty/foggy - thankfully didn't rain
  • Saw John Legend perform at Chateau Ste Michelle
  • Stopped by Pridefest


  • Went to Orcas Island with Tu/Tram/May/Calvin/Mazzie. Mostly just hung out at the rented house, did some walks along the water front and lake, drove up to Mt. Constitution
  • Went to West Seattle Street Fair...
  • The following weekend SM and I went to Vegas for EVO. Unfortunately I didn't budget time well and we only got to see the Grand Finals on the last day at EVO. Next time I'll be sure to spend an extra day there for merch and casual play!
    • Mostly just walked around, gambled, spent time at the pool and had dinner with my coworker Tiffany and her husband at L'Atelier
    • Us at Bellagio
    • Our view at EVO
  • Dimsum with Tu and Tram's moms
    • Me and Mazzie. Our first picture together
  • Sail boat ride for Navy's birthday. Despite the cold and wet experience, it was nice to be there to see Danny propose.


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Mexico in May

Main events in May were: moving into our new house and going to Guadalajara with Sang Mi and my dad to visit family. My brother and his wife work for the US Consulate there. Early in May we were busy packing and prepping to move. We used frogbox, friends, and a U-haul to move in the middle of the month. Never again will we move ourselves. We concluded that it's worth the money to pay for good movers. At the very least we'll do frogbox+movers next time. Once we moved in, we did not have much time to get settled until we had to leave for Mexico.

Guadalajara was a nice break and easy vacation- spent our time there mostly eating at restaurants with family, watching movies, and visiting different neighborhoods.

Full flickr set of our trip

Dad and Audrey and Katie in front of the quadfecta corner: tacos, ice cream, crepes and tostilocos

Lucha Libre show was hilariously entertaining; midgets, characters, strippers, fat wrestlers and a rowdy crowd

A walk through a market

A church in Tequila town

Audrey; we ate arrachera steak here

Seafood cerviche on tostada

Casa Herradura

Forteleza small batch distillery

Cuervo tour

We ate this at a carnicernia

Glass studio in an art/home decor market neighborhood

From early June till now has been just spent unpacking and settling in, getting items fixed/repaired around the house, and hosting Guru and Kimmy for a weekend.


SF trip

Just got back from visiting SF for CNY.
Thursday: Dimsum at Koi, walked Stonestown for a sec, then went to North Beach and walked around a bit before eating at The House.

BBQ Pork Ribs, Miso Cod with spicy miso mussels, Grilled Seabass, Mango Tapioca

Afterwards we went to Toyose for some yogurt soju and wings and met up with Brad, Jer and Andrew.

Friday: Lunch at In n Out, protein style, then walked around Stanford Shopping Center, then had family dinner at Koi (hectic and packed); then just chilled at Jer's house.

Saturday: Brunch at Squat and Gobble in the Marina

Nor-Cal omelette, Strawberry and nutella crepe, Roasted Red Pepper soup

Walked the Marina, drove by Painted Ladies (Full House houses), quickly walked Japantown (Music stores are gone, new Daiso and other stores, not much else has changed), then went to Shanghai Dumpling Shop and Eggettes in Millbrae before getting on the plane home.

Despite the cheat meals, my weight stayed steady. I had hit my first milestone early a couple weeks prior. I started Keto Jan 2nd @ 157lbs and wanted to get under 150 by Feb 20th but I hit the goal at the end of Jan.


NY, Sensational October

Oct 11 - A couple months ago I won a drawing at work to go to Wizards of the Coast to play the new Dungeons and Dragons game. It was my first time; the game requires quick creative thinking- really fun. It was DM'd by Chris Perkins, a popular D&D writer who now produces the franchise.

In the lobby of WOTC

Oct 25 - Went to NY with about 15 friends to go to Sensation. A rave which is in the US for the first time. White attire required. T'was fun. My first time in NY- overwhelming city; felt like an asian mega-city but American. Don't think I can stand living/afford in a grimey shitbox so NYC ain't fo me. One of my favorite moments from the weekend was walking 30 min home at 3am from the bar area and experiencing the liveliness of the city. We went to a bar/club called Beauty & Essex which had a fake pawn shop in front and a door in the back that revealed a large posh club. We also barely made it out of NYC. Hurricane Sandy was on its way in and we caught the last Sunday flight out to Seattle.


The girls

Inside Sensation

Confetti, lasers, madness

It was all kinds of colors in there

People flew

Delicious recovery juice the next day

Recovery meal - Ootaya

Katz deli lives up to the hype. Next time I'll try the pastrami. Fries were good too

$1 pizza lives up to the hype too. 2 bros. pizza in East Village.

Shake shack on the last day- delicious meat

Sang Mi, Calvin, May and I also ate at Le Bernardin on Thursday night. The photos didn't turn out too well, but it was a great, filling meal. Pics are on flickr.