Bento Box Bits of everything


Snowshoe Lake Hyak

Another annual trip with Brian


Whistler and more

Went to whistler in late Feb with friends. Rented a baller penthouse in the village. Tu and Vinh made a video of our antics. Played drinking games like "Up and down the river" and "Kings Cup". Our modified rules ensured everyone was trashed. I skied one day only- the long runs quickly exhausted me.

Last weekend Brian and I went snowshoeing at Stevens. I forgot how much of a workout it was and overdressed. Thankfully Brian wanted the extra weight in his bag since he's hardcore like that.


Lake Hyak @ Snoqualmie

Great workout. Exhausting going up, but it was over sooner than I was expecting. Lake Hyak trail at Silver Fir outpost in Snoqualmie.

Up at the Lake

Brian was powered by jerky and powerbars. I was fueled by McDonald's.


Return of the snowshoe

So sleepy and exhausted right now. Went snowshoeing at Snoqualmie; been a long time since I've been around snow.