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Whistler and more

Went to whistler in late Feb with friends. Rented a baller penthouse in the village. Tu and Vinh made a video of our antics. Played drinking games like "Up and down the river" and "Kings Cup". Our modified rules ensured everyone was trashed. I skied one day only- the long runs quickly exhausted me.

Last weekend Brian and I went snowshoeing at Stevens. I forgot how much of a workout it was and overdressed. Thankfully Brian wanted the extra weight in his bag since he's hardcore like that.


More skiing, treasure fingers

Went to Crystal with Tu. Had a terrible time with my new boots. Feet kept going numb, my quads were burning from being in a prolonged squat position. I was definitely doing something wrong this time because I've never been this sore skiing- but it could be because I'm off the bunny hill now.

Saw Treasure Fingers- a DJ I didn't really know but friends knew of. Non stop house music. Too much 128bpm for my tastes but still had fun.

New window office at work, and more screens/2nd computer. Colleague left and I need to use her computer to do her work. Super busy at work lately.

Last few months I been paying more attention to watches. Made me think about how my brothers were (and still are) into watches when I was a kid. I would run up to my brother Kam and spin his dive watch bezel and run away giggling. Doesn't help that my friend Tu is into watches too- information and material desire overload- reminds me of when I was into joysticks. I settled on a Seiko automatic and a G-Shock. Great bang for the buck on the Seiko ~$150

Seiko SNZG17K1 on Maratac NATO strap

Watch box- the cheapo ones are mine


4th Time Skiing

Went to Stevens Pass with Peter, Kat, and Justin on Friday. Took another lesson and it really started to come together for me. 'Attack' the mountain, move the edging leg forward, press into the cuff, load and unload weighting through the turns, and more. Carl the instructor said I need to learn to do pole planting next.

Got some new gear this time. I really like the REI Triad Parka and Swix Split-Mitten gloves.


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Skiing with visitors

Hang came to visit and Tu had friends from Houston- we all went skiing/snowboarding on Friday and Saturday. Snoqualmie and then Stevens. Skiing is easy to pick up but seems hard to master. Things started to click on day 2- great instructor at Stevens: Carl Lyson.

Other activities from the weekend:

Seattle Underground Tour - great tour if you like history

Supposed to be a ghost in here - didn't see it

My first crumpets- savory and sweet
Top: Pesto, tomato and Parmesan cheese
Bottom: Maple Butter, cream cheese and walnuts

Other foods from Pike:
Jambon Mornay
Chowder + Baguette from Le Panier

Chirashi at Mashiko

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