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Anne Druyan on the humility of science


Dan Pink on the Science of Motivation

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Baloney Detection Kit

found from Boingboing's article about Richard Dawkins helping to fund an Atheist summer camp

Richard "God Delusion" Dawkins' foundation has helped fund an atheist/sceptic summer camp that teaches 8-17 year olds how to think critically about the world:

Alongside the more traditional activities of tug-of-war, swimming and canoeing, children at the five-day camp in Somerset will learn about rational scepticism, moral philosophy, ethics and evolution.

Camp-goers aged eight to 17 will also be taught how to disprove phenomena such as crop circles and telepathy. In the Invisible Unicorn Challenge, any child who can prove that unicorns do not exist will win a ?10 note - which features an image of Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory - signed by Dawkins, Britain's most prominent atheist.


Neil Tyson

After checking out this reddit link, I've become a fan of Neil Tyson. He speaks in a personable, easy-to-grasp way while delivering his ideas effectively.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on "Intelligent Design" at Beyond Belief

Neil deGrasse Tyson - "The Best Sermon Ever!"

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Doctors