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August in pictures

Not in chronological order...

Went canoeing for the first time with Allen Mark, Cesar, and Allison. Cesar and I were hit by an unexpected wake. Fun.

@ Hempfest with SM and elephant ear

Laid out at Madison Beach Park


Tramanh's photos of Kaskade

Did a lot of jogging along Myrtle Edwards Park

and some hiking:

PAX 2012; Aziz came to visit

Fighting an Alien in a loader

Friends w/ Popcap @ PAX

Alki beach day w/ Malvin+Tumanh; the boys riding dirty, blasting 2 Chainz

My new favorite party game: Cards Against Humanity


View from Amazon offices in SLU


House, new pics

I listed a couple rooms on airbnb - still unsure if I'll agree to rent out a room though. I doubt anyone would apply anyway since it's so far outside Seattle. Perk: listing it comes with a free photography session. My intention with listing it is to show that I'm trust-worthy when I use airbnb myself for traveling. I think the photographer felt there was too much glare coming through so he took HDR photos. Not a fan of the excessive tone-mapping (especially seen on the pic of the chaises).

Great room, another angle (gross tone mapping)


Master Bedroom


More pics here


Dirtfish Rally School (part 2)

Here's some pictures taken by the camera guy. Notice the huge grin on my face. More pics here

Going sideways never been so much fun - awesome feeling to be looking out the passenger side window while going through a turn

Me giving the thumbs up during the ride-along


Dirtfish Rally School (part 1)

Best groupon ever. $325 for a 1/2 day Rally Lesson. We learned the fundamentals of shifting the weight of the car using the throttle and brake and also left-foot braking. Started on the skidpad, then the slalom, and finally the Boneyard course. Perfect day - started dry and then rained a little bit toward the end. The school is built on an old mill and basically looks like a gymkhana location. Old large buildings around, different surface types all over. They said last month there was a Rally Cross even there and they had a 70ft jump for the pros like Tanner Faust.

Had a shit-eating grin the entire time. Incredibly fun to throw the car sideways into turns. Gratifying to to figure out where to turn the wheel to begin the drift- depends on your speed and the angle of the turn; then using left-foot braking to control the slide and positioning for the next turn.

I've been looking into buying a 2nd car (w/ manual gearbox) since it's more fun to be in control of the gearing. I'm torn. Either buy 1 nicer daily driver, or a 2nd crappier car. Probably just going to save the money for later.

More pics here