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It's been almost a year since LASIK and I'm still pleased with the results but I've definitely had some slight deterioration in my distance-vision in my left eye. Despite this, I'm still at 20/15 (my right eye is like eagle-vision) per a check up last month. Night vision is also shitty because lights seem brighter (larger halos) and my ability to see contrast in dark areas is more difficult. From what others say, my night vision should improve over time.

My eyes get fatigued more easily as well- from dry eyes (which were dry the first few months, not so much lately), but mostly due to computer use.

I've recently started wearing yellow-tinted glasses for computer use at work and they seem to work well. My eyes are less tired at the end of the work day and thus less blurry. I got the Gunnar Optiks but I later learned any yellow-tint brand works. The Gunnars look kind of futuristic though:

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This is the manliest yoga bag ever made. Manduka Mat Sak. It's got pockets up the yin yang, buckles, mesh, more pockets, and comes in a macho 'charcoal' color. The only way to make this bag less manly is to bedazzle it in sequins and glitter. It fits my Jade yoga mat and yogitoes towel with lots of room to spare.

My late summer regime has been mountain biking/yoga/weights. Come winter I'll swap biking for snowshoeing and get back into kickboxing again. Life should be a balance of physical, intellectual, and emotional health/interests. Juggling activities that cultivate these three have been keeping me busy. Lately it's been feeling like another Reinvention of myself- as hard as I work to be productive, it feels fucking awesome to let loose too #feelsgoodman Why wait for News Year's Resolutions? Fuck that. 4 MONTH HEAD START.


Anterior Pelvic Tilt

I have terrible posture from sitting in front of a computer most of the day (and lately at home too; damn you starcraft!!). Years of slouching or hunching at the computer have probably misaligned my back in all sorts of bad ways. troublesome on reddit posted this helpful write up on how to start fixing the problem.

Posture fixes – how to fix common “computer guy” posture
Does the computer guy from this pic look like you? If so, you have a lot of work to do to look like the Greek god you’re supposed to be. Let’s look at ideal posture for a minute. Look at your profile in the mirror. Chances are you’re gonna find that your head is jutting forward, or that your shoulders are slumped forward coupled with a hunchback posture, or that your lower back is so arched that your stomach protrudes forward, giving you the “skinny gut”. People are under the mistaken impression that working out hard in the gym will fix this. Let’s make one thing clear - what you do in the gym only cements what you have. If you have bad posture, heavy lifting makes it worse. If you have good posture, heavy lifting makes it better. Of course there are exceptions to this, but for the majority of the population, that’s the norm.


Starting today I'll start dedicating a workout day to just "fixing" all my imbalances and also focus on stretching. Here's to a new (straighter back) me; and to kick it off, I've changed the blog theme too.

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Home Gym (Ironmaster quick review)

The longer days at work means I have less motivation to drag myself to the gym, so I figured I should invest in a decent home gym for 'maintenance' and leave the bigger movements for my real gym. The only next planned purchase I have is for a decent pull up bar. One day when I have more space I'll go all out and get a power rack.

In photo: Star trac V-bike purchased like new from craigslist for a STEAL, IM Dumbbells, IM SB decline attachment, IM SB seat, parallette bars made from pvc pipe, push up bars, ab wheel, and ez curl bar.

In photo: foam crash mats, Sonos, polar HR monitor, medicine ball, and stability ball.

Luckily the maker of my chosen adjustable dumbbells is located locally so I saved on shipping and was even able to haggle a bit. Why did I go adjustable vs a full set? 1. Saves Space 2. Lower cost than a full set of dumbbells. There are some downsides to going an adjustable set but they did not really pertain to me. There's only two major contenders in the adjustable dumbbell market: Ironmaster and Powerblock (I don't know of any others that have flat-ends and are entirely metal), so why Ironmasters? 1. Feels just like regular dumbbells; I don't like how the wrist is kept caged inside Powerblocks. 2. Sturdy; I tend to gently drop dumbbells after pressing heavy and the IMs can take a beating 3. Safety; anecdotally I've read that the Powerblock pin gets worn with use 4. Great combo deal with the IM super bench and the dumbbell set includes a storage stand 5. Plates are 1" standard diameter so they fit bars too.

What are the cons? 1. Only 1 person can use the IMs at one time- can be remedied by purchasing another set of handles though 2. Superbench is a little too tall for my height. I would recommend the bench for those 5'8"+. At 5'7" I feel like my hips are little extended if I put my feet flat on the floor. Otherwise the bench is amazing and the best value for a FID bench I've ever seen (there are additional attachments for it too; like a pull up bar and dip bar but I didn't get those because I didn't find them very stable and did not like how the circular pivot is near your legs) 3. Storage stand should be about 1 inch wider all around- it gets crowded when loading up 70+lbs 4. Plate changing- not a con for me but it could be for others. Supersets just requires a bit more planning.

So the cons are more nit-picky than deal breakers for me. The only thing that made me hesitate on the IM deal was the Superbench being a bit too high for me. But since I bought them locally and in a combo, the savings helped me live with any shortcomings I found. I would highly recommend the IMs to anyone looking for an adjustable dumbbell set.