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I know. Two posts in a row about firearms. I'm not a gun nut, it was just my first time at an outdoor range. Issaquah Sportsmen's Club. Right by my house. Not as convenient as an indoor range where you can quickly pull your target towards you, but the increase in range distance makes it fun. The cease-fire periods are also a good time to chat with folks. I think I'll become a member later on. This range focuses more on the 'sporting' aspect of shooting. They don't allow bad guy targets, and most of the people shooting were practicing for hunting or target shooting.

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Gun class

Just finished the Intro to Handguns course at Insights Training. Got to shoot a bunch of different guns but didn't learn anything new. I did get lots of compliments on my form though- I should have said I've trained with the Brian Lau Combat Academy (BLCA).

In .22 LR I shot: P22, Beretta 92, 1911, Glock 17, and S&W MP
In 9mm I shot: Glock 19, Glock 26SC (jammed twice on me, I was probably limp wristing it), S&W MP9, Glock 17, S&W 3913

I'll rent a .22 again to practice with a few more times, but I think my first pistol will probably be a 9mm since the .22 was a bit too easy to handle. I did very well with the Glocks but my groupings were still a little low and left of target.

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More shooting

I want to buy a pistol. So fun. Brian's PS90 is awesome but the ammo is pricey. $20 for 50 rounds, all done in about 5 minutes. That's the same cost/minute as a lapdance.

I picked mullet man this time. Here he is with his nipple targets and bindi

Shot Brian's P2000 SK again. Here's my 50 round grouping. I'm getting better. Need to work on the vertical alignment. Glad I'm not pulling left or right though.

Brian's pistol head shots (and video)

And the awesome PS90. The EO Tech sight is like cheating. Another 50 rounds I put into his dangerous nips @ 75 ft

Video of Brian and his PS90

Guns n' Food
Ended the night with some seafood Jajangmyeon with Peter and Kat

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Recap in photos

Video Games Live concert on Jan 22nd. Awesome show. They play video game music with an orchestra and choir accompanied by visuals and some interactive portions. I will definitely go every year to see this.

Had the house professionally "deep" cleaned. Definitely worth every dollar. Can't really justify a monthly cleaning so I'll hire them every 6 months.

Garry came over to help drill cable routing holes in my shelves and dry wall

Shot Brian's HK P2000 SK and his new PS90 with EO Tech laser boresighter. Really fun. I would love to have my own pistol but it's an expensive hobby, especially if I wanted to go to the range often.