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August in pictures

Not in chronological order...

Went canoeing for the first time with Allen Mark, Cesar, and Allison. Cesar and I were hit by an unexpected wake. Fun.

@ Hempfest with SM and elephant ear

Laid out at Madison Beach Park


Tramanh's photos of Kaskade

Did a lot of jogging along Myrtle Edwards Park

and some hiking:

PAX 2012; Aziz came to visit

Fighting an Alien in a loader

Friends w/ Popcap @ PAX

Alki beach day w/ Malvin+Tumanh; the boys riding dirty, blasting 2 Chainz

My new favorite party game: Cards Against Humanity


View from Amazon offices in SLU


SF hours

As of today, 335 hours into SSFIV(AE2012) and 120 hours into SF4. 10 hours on PC makes for a total of 465 hours into the game. Pretty damn good for a game that's been around since 09.



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PAX 11

What happen. So jaded this year - last time I was excited and grabbing free t-shirts/schwag - this year I casually walked around and didn't even play anything. Looking forward to a bunch of games coming out: CounterStrike:GO, SFxTekken, RAGE, Dance Central 2, new Ass Creed. Most fun had was playing Warsow (quake 3 clone) with buddies in the PC Free Play room. I played some CSS on LAN and rocked - still got the skills.

More shitty pics here

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Race Night – part deux

We had 5 set ups and intended to play Shift 2, but since that terrible game had terrible server problems we went back to Forza 3 and had a blast. Tag, downhill racing, etc all too fun. Race Night 3 will be in May when Dirt 3 comes out!

Downhill truck battle:

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