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More skiing, treasure fingers

Went to Crystal with Tu. Had a terrible time with my new boots. Feet kept going numb, my quads were burning from being in a prolonged squat position. I was definitely doing something wrong this time because I've never been this sore skiing- but it could be because I'm off the bunny hill now.

Saw Treasure Fingers- a DJ I didn't really know but friends knew of. Non stop house music. Too much 128bpm for my tastes but still had fun.

New window office at work, and more screens/2nd computer. Colleague left and I need to use her computer to do her work. Super busy at work lately.

Last few months I been paying more attention to watches. Made me think about how my brothers were (and still are) into watches when I was a kid. I would run up to my brother Kam and spin his dive watch bezel and run away giggling. Doesn't help that my friend Tu is into watches too- information and material desire overload- reminds me of when I was into joysticks. I settled on a Seiko automatic and a G-Shock. Great bang for the buck on the Seiko ~$150

Seiko SNZG17K1 on Maratac NATO strap

Watch box- the cheapo ones are mine



This is the manliest yoga bag ever made. Manduka Mat Sak. It's got pockets up the yin yang, buckles, mesh, more pockets, and comes in a macho 'charcoal' color. The only way to make this bag less manly is to bedazzle it in sequins and glitter. It fits my Jade yoga mat and yogitoes towel with lots of room to spare.

My late summer regime has been mountain biking/yoga/weights. Come winter I'll swap biking for snowshoeing and get back into kickboxing again. Life should be a balance of physical, intellectual, and emotional health/interests. Juggling activities that cultivate these three have been keeping me busy. Lately it's been feeling like another Reinvention of myself- as hard as I work to be productive, it feels fucking awesome to let loose too #feelsgoodman Why wait for News Year's Resolutions? Fuck that. 4 MONTH HEAD START.


Kindle 3

My Kindle 3 finally arrived. I've been meaning to read more lately and now I even more reason. No more having to deal with the library system of returns or reservations either. Amazed by how small the screen is and how crisp the text is.

Amazon better not announce a new Kindle model next week.

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Needed to raise my TV about 6-8" and did tons of research online and it seems most HT guys make their own out of MDF. Since I'm not very handy, I decided to try to look for an IKEA solution. I got some inspiration from how other people made monitor stands out of shelving and legs so off I went.

I used Ikea's NORRTORP shelving since it is solid pine (the EKBY JÄRPEN was my second choice, but it is MDF), and 6" CAPITA legs. With the shelving and legs, the TV was raised 7", which is perfect for my GT5 set up and for general viewing. The total cost was $70, but the NORRTORP set comes with another shelf so I can use that for another project.

I temporarily fastened a second set of legs in anticipation of getting a new center channel speaker to place under the TV. This way I can rearrange the legs later to make sure the legs don't get in the way.

The next project will be to route the cables cleanly. Here's how it looks now: