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Forza 3 Vinyl

Forza 3 is nothing short of AWESOME. Therefore, it deserves the awesome.gif

Never having created any art in any video game before, this was definitely an eye opening (and FRUSTRATING) experience. I went in expecting layer management and editing similar to photoshop, where I can easily overwrite a part of a layer or make a portion of a layer transparent, but I couldn't figure out how. After going back and watching Jube's video tutorial I realize now how important it is to plan out your method and techniques. A lack of planning definitely caused me great frustration and I ended up having to use a ton of stamping to get the details to my satisfaction.

I appreciate the quality of work/time of M0dus and Jube3 10000000x more now. Trying to create this smiley as my first vinyl was quite the challenge.

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