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Skiing with visitors

Hang came to visit and Tu had friends from Houston- we all went skiing/snowboarding on Friday and Saturday. Snoqualmie and then Stevens. Skiing is easy to pick up but seems hard to master. Things started to click on day 2- great instructor at Stevens: Carl Lyson.

Other activities from the weekend:

Seattle Underground Tour - great tour if you like history

Supposed to be a ghost in here - didn't see it

My first crumpets- savory and sweet
Top: Pesto, tomato and Parmesan cheese
Bottom: Maple Butter, cream cheese and walnuts

Other foods from Pike:
Jambon Mornay
Chowder + Baguette from Le Panier

Chirashi at Mashiko

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Thanksgiving (Rib Roast try #2)

Hosted Thanksgiving dinner with some friends. Got a 3-rib Choice grade rib roast this time. Set internal temp target for 113F because I was too chicken to try 110F like I suggested to myself last time. That's what I get for not trusting myself- the rib roast turned out to be more medium than medium-rare again. Pre-heated oven to 250F, took 2.5 hours for it to hit the internal temp target, took it out of the oven and let sit for another 30 minutes while the internal temp continued to rise. It hit a max of 130F and then I sliced. I did not broil on top like I did last time- the crisp fat on top would have been nice to have, but we were all hungry!

The brined, bagged Turkey by Kathy was amazingly moist

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RAC DJs, Little Si, Salmon Days


Haven't seen any shows since Bag Raiders. Saturday night- Went to the the Trashed Showcase @ Baltic Room during the Decibel Fest. RAC DJs were awesome. I came for music. I became music.

Next morning - hiked Little Si with Justin. I want to do more quick, short nearby hikes this fall now that biking and kayaking aren't as feasible. Then came back and met up with Marie to go to Salmon Days. I regret not Strava-ing all the walking we did at Salmon Days.

The reward for hiking

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Goal reached

Yes it's 156 rounded up, fuck you Justin

Goal weight reached! Hit 155 for the first time this morning - all thanks to a steady diet of alcohol and starvation! But really, here's the skinny:

Starting weight: 174lbs on 6/24/11
Goal weight: 155lbs on 9/18/11
Time: 86 days (12.3 weeks)
Pounds lost: 19lb
Average lost: 1.55lbs/week

Low-carb diet with a focus on ketosis. No exercise (leg was injured). I cut carbs down to about 20-30grams a day and the weight just started melting off. My second time doing a ketosis diet. Back in college I found myself ballooned up to 155 (!) and went on Atkins to get back to 140, closer to my scrawny freshman weight:

~135lbs - late 2000, freshman year at UCD

Then after college I wanted to bulk up with the intention of cutting later... except lifting and eating got too fun and I kept going and going, next thing I knew I was 180lbs. I think I'll keep going to land somewhere between 150 and 155 and continue to lift weights and do keto to lower BF %.

Tonight my dad, bro's mom-in-law and I went to the Snocasino buffet. Gorged myself on delicious foods and even some carbs. I considered it my reward.