Bento Box Bits of everything


Mexico in May

Main events in May were: moving into our new house and going to Guadalajara with Sang Mi and my dad to visit family. My brother and his wife work for the US Consulate there. Early in May we were busy packing and prepping to move. We used frogbox, friends, and a U-haul to move in the middle of the month. Never again will we move ourselves. We concluded that it's worth the money to pay for good movers. At the very least we'll do frogbox+movers next time. Once we moved in, we did not have much time to get settled until we had to leave for Mexico.

Guadalajara was a nice break and easy vacation- spent our time there mostly eating at restaurants with family, watching movies, and visiting different neighborhoods.

Full flickr set of our trip

Dad and Audrey and Katie in front of the quadfecta corner: tacos, ice cream, crepes and tostilocos

Lucha Libre show was hilariously entertaining; midgets, characters, strippers, fat wrestlers and a rowdy crowd

A walk through a market

A church in Tequila town

Audrey; we ate arrachera steak here

Seafood cerviche on tostada

Casa Herradura

Forteleza small batch distillery

Cuervo tour

We ate this at a carnicernia

Glass studio in an art/home decor market neighborhood

From early June till now has been just spent unpacking and settling in, getting items fixed/repaired around the house, and hosting Guru and Kimmy for a weekend.


Happy Birthday Mom

Thinking of you


Me and dad at Maggianos

Mafioso style



Funny video from The Onion. It got me thinking. I was using Friendster and Myspace back in 2005 as well. Feels weird that it was 5 whole years ago. I certainly don't feel like the same person I was 5 years ago. Even looking back at my blog posts from Xanga and my super old blog (can't even find the url for it, thought it was rehosted on acks-effect for awhile), I don't recognize the person I was back then. Strangely enough, my tastes and interests haven't changed much. I feel that I am not the person I will be in the future either. My future 40-year old self is unimaginable to me. Maybe that's partly why I don't fear death. My elderly self will differ so much from my current self that I feel like I'm not the one who is going to die. I'm definitely not the same person I was 18 months ago when I found out Mom had cancer. Something definitely changed inside of me as I read those words of 100% mortality on Wikipedia. The past year+ and even now most things feels more dull . Like I can't reach my previous levels of enjoyment out of activities or happiness. During that year, everything fun I did felt like only a distraction from an impending sadness and emptiness to follow. 3 years ago I was certainly more boisterous around friends, but now I've either matured, grown up, dulled, or become affected. Life feels different now that Mom is gone. I used to call her daily when she was sick and still very often when she was healthy. Not having her there to call feels empty. Changing the name from Mom Cell in my phone to Dad Cell felt weird too. I was sad when I lost the voicemails from her since ATT deletes them automatically. In a few years I'll probably look back at these blog posts and feel like I'm reading the writings of a stranger. Maybe the feelings of longing will be farther removed and I'll wonder how I felt as I was writing this. I find solace in that I'll be a completely different (and better) person in a few years. I bet I'll still agree about the Worst Songs of 2009.