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Kenmore beats Dyson

Apologies for the lack of updates...

Found this snippet from Consumerist interesting:

Dyson is not the Excalibur of upright vacuums, it's the Kenmore Progressive with Direct Drive 35922, according to survey and test results released in the latest issue of Consumer Reports.

The white wizards of product testing rated the Kenmore at 74, soundly trouncing the Dyson's 64.

The Kenmore "Progressive with Direct Drive 35922" garnered "excellent" ratings for cleaning carpet, emissions, pet hair, and cleaning bare floors.

The Dyson "DC17 Absolute Animal" only got got "excellent" for emissions and cleaning bare floors.

The Dyson is $250 more expensive, in-store. However, you you can get both for over $100 cheaper by searching on Amazon for slightly used or refurbished versions.

We wonder, if Consumer Reports neglected form factor, the glory of bagless, and swivel appeal (with a Dyson, you don't need to retract the vacuum to your body and then pivot to change directions). Then again, one doesn't go to Consumer Reports looking for soul, but cost-efficacy.

I always had a suspicion that Dyson is overhyped...anyone spending $400+ on a vacuum is usually going to defend their purchase. I know I do since I spent five bones on a Kenmore Progressive canister vacuum.

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A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home

A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home

Good tips for those who aspire to have a house free of clutter and junk. I'm almost there with my kitchen, just need to clear up my other rooms now. Although somewhat devoid of "character" I kind of like the bareness of my house. Nothing on the walls, no decorations, just texture and surfaces. Maybe I'll polish my granite again...

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Wine thermometer wrap

This wine thermometer explains the different recommended enjoyment temperatures and conveniently wraps around the bottle. Neato.


[via gizmodo via Book of Joe]

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Paint fun

Two very cool ideas: chalk paint used in the kitchen and magnetic paint in the hallway. Found these both at boingboing, I especially like the magnetic paint idea; very fun and decorative way to spice up an urban space. I doubt I could find any use for this in my house, but looks really fun otherwise. Chalk is too messy for me, but cleanup would be easy since it's in the kitchen anyway...

Magnetic paint used in a hallway

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