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Citi cards sucks

Before I went to Taiwan I did my due diligence by calling my credit card companies to inquire about what their foreign transaction fees were. Citi told me 3% and Amex said 2.7%. What Citi failed to tell me was that they would still charge 3% even if the charge was in USD; so long as the company was based overseas.

So lo and behold, I didn't find out about this ~$32 charge on my statement until a month after my trip, 3% fee on my online ticket purchase from EVA Air, just because the company is based overseas. Apparently:

Amendment to Your Credit Card Agreement:
Effective on June 1, 2009, we are replacing the definition of "Foreign Transactions" in the section of your agreement titled Words Used Often in this Agreement with the following:
"Foreign Transaction" means any transaction made in a foreign currency, and any transaction made in U.S. dollars if the transaction is made or processed outside of the United States. Foreign transactions include, for example, online purchases from foreign merchants.

Beware for those who making purchases on foreign airlines. You'll get hit with a fee even if booking online and getting charged in USD.