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Ha! Found my old blog on the wayback machine. Not sure if it was my very first blog but I started it in March of 2003. I think I was posting on my friend's shared blog around the same time too. I'll find the archive of that site another time.

There aren't too many entries on it, and the system font doesn't show correctly on IE9 for some reason. I'm surprised the archive goes pretty deep into the links too. #jrock irc stats page archived off altimus-labs.

The whole 'reinvention' theme of the blog was about getting myself out of a rut at the time. In my own 19-year old self's words:

Why did I name my site "Reinvention"?

In Dec of 02 I took a critical look at myself and decided I didn't like where my life was going. I was sitting on my ass all day in front of the computer, either playing games or doing computer stuff; while my body was in a state of atrophy. I hadn't exercised in years and I was getting fatter day by day, stuffing my face with any junk food I could get my grubby hands on.

So then I got to thinking that this pattern of life I was living wasn't very healthy; I wasn't doing anything new; I wasn't meeting anyone new; I wasn't learning anything useful/interesting.

I decided to "Reinvent" myself and try to start over. I wanted to experience more and different things. Try to be more "cultured," and have a range of interests. Change the way I look at people, specifically trying not to be so judgmental and critical. The first thing I did was do more pleasure reading. Instead of TV, I found that a book could be just as enjoyable. I signed up for a racquetball class, because I heard its a fast-paced game and is a great cardio workout...

Maybe it's time to kick myself in the ass again and reboot my life.
Next up... revisit my old Xanga blog: 2004-2006.

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Decided to take the plunge and upgrade this wordpress. I've been fine until 2.9 when wordpress started requiring MySQL 5.0. Unfortunately my 1and1 database was on 4.0. I found this helpful guide on how to migrate my DB. Better than the official 1and1 guide because the official guide left out the part about deleting 3 crucial lines. Don't forget to add this to your htaccess to enable auto-upgrading.

Now to test out some features...