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Ride to Redmond

Rode from Sammamish boat launch park to Redmond Town Center to meet up with Justin and his roadie buddies. I got a flat tire just as I arrived to RTC but thankfully REI was close by. Checked out the Redmond Saturday Market. Rewarded ourselves with Fatburger (no bun). Part of my unpaved trail was closed so I had to ride on road for a bit - kind of makes me want a road bike now. But then I remembered why I don't do long(er) rides: my butt hurts.

The Redmond Saturday Market

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Trek demo day

I made it my personal goal to 'do something worth blogging about' every weekend. John Luk from my HS days came up to visit Seattle and we (and some other friends) went to a Trek demo day at Duthie Hill. Rode bootcamp a few times, twice on a Trek 29er hard tail. Hydraulic brakes gave me trouble at first but I learned to adjust. The bike felt very fast even though I'm slow as shit.

Went to Pat's BBQ afterward - me and Pat won the cornhole(!) tourney. Pretty fun BBQ game.

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Clipped in

Went for a short ride at Soaring Eagle. I swapped pedals and went back to SPDs. After going from SPDs back to platform and now back to SPDs - I can really tell the difference in efficiency of pedaling. Not having my feet leave the pedals on bumps really helps with powering through some trickier spots.

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Duthie Hill

Went for a quick ride at Duthie Hill mtb park. Did the bootcamp trail loop a few times. Need to get better and faster - some dudes were not even braking on the fast sections. Lots of fun banked turns toward the end. Tried out Strava. Pretty cool - like glympse but for bikers. App and website is amazing - it even knows when the trail begins and ends.

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