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Sept 2013

Oct 2013

Nov 2013

Dec 2013

  • Got the hot tub removed from the deck
  • Went to Portland with friends for SM and Adrien's birthday 
  • Popcap Holiday party at Showbox Market
  • Went to Vancouver with Tim and Susan on boxing day
  • Went to Tina's NYE party

Jan 2014

Feb 2014

Mar 2014

  • Goofy moved away to So Cal
  • Staycationed
  • Went to Napa for Linda's birthday
  • Cecilia and Eddy and the kids visited
  • Dimsum for Calvin's birthday

Apr 2014

  • Random activities: flag football, Mikey's bday game night, Mahjong at Adrien's parents house, watched The Raid 2, Kappo Tamura brunch for May's birthday, Easter dinner at SM's aunt's house, Mahjong and ham dinner at Allen's
  • Allen Mark's sports themed birthday in Vancouver
  • Watched Videogames Live symphony performance
  • Learned how to play Magic The Gathering

May 2014

  • Became engaged to Sang Mi
  • Celebrated at The Herbfarm
  • Celebrated at El Gaucho with Tim and Susan
  • Joined a bowling league
  • Random activities: had a ghetto azn themed house party with mahjong and games, went to a Mariner's game and a night out with SM's friends, saw Godzilla, went to Mother's Day lunch with SM's mom in Federal Way, trimmed the hedges, went to Navy and Danny's house warming in Auburn

Jun 2014

  • Ultra SF 4 came out. Been playing that
  • Saw X-Men with friends, FIFA game nights


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