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Happy birthday Mom

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Workout Music Redux

These past few years my music taste has been through a couple of different phases thanks to new friends. Indie pop/dance, then EDM, and now currently mostly hip hop. I've been through these phases in the past before (minus the indie dance music, that's relatively new all around) so maybe it'll be a cyclical theme in my life - although I don't see myself getting back into j-pop...

Since I've been working out again lately, music selection has had a bigger importance since it keeps me hyped while working out. Specifically for lifting, I am reminded of when I compiled a list of my favorite workout tunes back in 2007.

I should create some new genre-specific workout playlists since most of those songs were metal/rock. This past year I've been listening to:

  • Rick Ross - No Games "ft. Future"
  • Lil Wayne - Right Above It
  • 2 Chainz - We Own It (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)
  • 2 Chainz - Feds Watchin
  • Ace Hood - Trials and Tribulations
  • Ace Hood - Hustle Hard
  • Rick Ross - Pirates
  • Trinidad James - Ea$tside
  • 2 Chainz & Future - Same Damn Time
  • 2 Chainz & Future - Got Dammit Remix
  • 2 Chainz - Riot
  • Lil Wayne - Fireman
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August/Sept catch up post

Out of the blogging groove- recent priorities (in no order) have been: PvZ 2 launch, working out, and street fighter. Gainz have been great lately but I wonder if I'll get good enough at SF4 to stand a chance (not go 0-2 and out) at EVO.

PvZ 2 launch - went smoothly and to great fanfare. The PvZ team got to take a photo on top of the space needle as part of the promo.

PAX - fun as usual; Jerry, Karma, Andrew, Brad and Sophia came to visit for labor day weekend so we went all around Seattle doing Seattle-stuff. PAX schwag was lacking this year and I think I don't have the same excitement for games as I used to.

Dad was in town before labor day weekend so we hung out as well. Walked Alki with him, and watched chinese movies at home. Good dinners as usual; we went to Din Tai Fung, Jak's Grill, and dimsum at Joi.

Chvrches - saw Chvrches at Showbox... not too much to say here. It was a short performance since they only had an EP out.

On second thought... once a month blogging ain't so bad. I can easily look back on my calendar and spot any significance events.

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