Bento Box Bits of everything


Snowshoe Lake Hyak

Another annual trip with Brian


Paying the toll

3 months into 2013 and my weight is under control with the keto diet. Now I'm starting to pay attention to the inflammation factor of foods and working on increasing omega-3 and lowering omega-6 intake. Chia seed isn't the superfood I once it was because of the lack of EPA/DHA, but I'll keep eating them; per my doc's recommendation I am supplementing with Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 3 capsules (that's the best brand she said).

Starting to get back into strength training- installed a pull up bar by the bathroom and now I 'pay the toll' every time I use the bathroom. My plan is to do 3 each time in the month of March, then 4 in April, 5 in May, etc.

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