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It's been almost a year since LASIK and I'm still pleased with the results but I've definitely had some slight deterioration in my distance-vision in my left eye. Despite this, I'm still at 20/15 (my right eye is like eagle-vision) per a check up last month. Night vision is also shitty because lights seem brighter (larger halos) and my ability to see contrast in dark areas is more difficult. From what others say, my night vision should improve over time.

My eyes get fatigued more easily as well- from dry eyes (which were dry the first few months, not so much lately), but mostly due to computer use.

I've recently started wearing yellow-tinted glasses for computer use at work and they seem to work well. My eyes are less tired at the end of the work day and thus less blurry. I got the Gunnar Optiks but I later learned any yellow-tint brand works. The Gunnars look kind of futuristic though:

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Coheed and Cambria

I got into Coheed after Rock Band 1 came out; finally got to see them perform. Went with Calvin who is also a big fan- they played many of their hits and a lot off their new double album. One of the best rock shows I've ever seen.


  • Awesome performance, sound mix and set list
  • Friendly crowd, not much pushing/shoving
  • Huge dude next to us didn't move at all the whole concert
  • Not many camera/video takers in the crowd


  • Someone laid a few stinky farts in the crowd during the show
  • Tinnitus

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Popcap Harlem Shake

I'm somewhere in this video

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SF trip

Just got back from visiting SF for CNY.
Thursday: Dimsum at Koi, walked Stonestown for a sec, then went to North Beach and walked around a bit before eating at The House.

BBQ Pork Ribs, Miso Cod with spicy miso mussels, Grilled Seabass, Mango Tapioca

Afterwards we went to Toyose for some yogurt soju and wings and met up with Brad, Jer and Andrew.

Friday: Lunch at In n Out, protein style, then walked around Stanford Shopping Center, then had family dinner at Koi (hectic and packed); then just chilled at Jer's house.

Saturday: Brunch at Squat and Gobble in the Marina

Nor-Cal omelette, Strawberry and nutella crepe, Roasted Red Pepper soup

Walked the Marina, drove by Painted Ladies (Full House houses), quickly walked Japantown (Music stores are gone, new Daiso and other stores, not much else has changed), then went to Shanghai Dumpling Shop and Eggettes in Millbrae before getting on the plane home.

Despite the cheat meals, my weight stayed steady. I had hit my first milestone early a couple weeks prior. I started Keto Jan 2nd @ 157lbs and wanted to get under 150 by Feb 20th but I hit the goal at the end of Jan.