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New home

My new battle station. I feel comfy and at home here.


2012 wrap up, 2013 goals

Long overdue for a post. Here's what happened in December:

Popcap Holiday Party at the Aquarium (Pirate themed)

Sang Mi's birthday weekend

Brian's white elephant party - SM won some Hostess and an Oatmeal poster for bringing the best gift (a box of Korean munchies and something special inside). We also took home two $15 itunes GCs.

Brian had to kill numerous people during his hunt for the last endangered Hostess products

Other happenings through Jan

  • SM's work holiday party
  • Game night at Gnella's
  • Adrien's potluck bday party
  • Spring roll night at Navy/Danny's's
  • Game night at Amy's
  • Christina's holiday party
  • Xmas eve family dinner with SM's family
  • Xmas night take out Korean food dinner with Tim and the girls
  • Dinner at Justin's, Jam session with Calvin (SM girls night)
  • Ann's birthday party at SBK- drunken 2Chainz impersonations

Last weekend I saw Camp Lo - not bad, only a 40 minute show; kind of felt like they were phoning it in- can't blame them. It was their 15 year reunion tour.

2012 completed goals

  • Lose weight
  • Establish social circle
  • Get a new job
  • Meet a nice girl
  • Move out

2012 was a great year. I started the year off losing weight by eating low carb again; then started dating SM around the time I got on board at Popcap (April). My personal goals of solidifying a social circle, meeting a wonderful girl, and getting a job in video games was accomplished. 2012 was a spendy year with numerous trips and partying- need to buckle down now and be a bit more frugal to plan for the future. I did not move out like I wanted in 2012 but my Q1-13 goal of moving out is already in progress. My emotional attachment to my home was more significant than I thought, but I think this feeling will pass; I don't want any attachment to 'stuff'. 2013 goals are focused on planning for the future: health, career, living situation, and finances.

2013 goals

  • Move out
  • Lose weight/Lift/Get fit ---> 10% body fat
  • More outdoor activities (MTB, hiking, snowshoe)
  • Get back into Yoga
  • Save money!
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