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Dirty Thirty

November 30th. My golden birthday- 30 on 30. I'm very lucky to have great friends who flew up from SF to spend my birthday weekend with me. Sang Mi and friends here also made this my best birthday celebration ever. I was 10 years old the last time I had a birthday celebration.

Jerry/Karma/Andrew flew in on Thursday night and we spent Friday exploring Pike (Piroshki, Baguette, Chowder, Crumpets)/Seattle Center/Kerry Park/Archie McPhees/Red Hook Brewery. Snack at Taco Time (Taco Town!!!) Dinner at Maneki then Blue Scholars and Noc Noc. Then house party the next night and Jak's grill the morning after that.

Some of Bobomonster's instagram pics from the day:

Kerry Park

Piroshky Piroshky

Crumpet Shop

RedHook Brewery

Archie McPhees

Taco Time!!!

Sabzi rapping

B-day boi

Staches courtesy of Bobomonster from Archie McPhees