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NY, Sensational October

Oct 11 - A couple months ago I won a drawing at work to go to Wizards of the Coast to play the new Dungeons and Dragons game. It was my first time; the game requires quick creative thinking- really fun. It was DM'd by Chris Perkins, a popular D&D writer who now produces the franchise.

In the lobby of WOTC

Oct 25 - Went to NY with about 15 friends to go to Sensation. A rave which is in the US for the first time. White attire required. T'was fun. My first time in NY- overwhelming city; felt like an asian mega-city but American. Don't think I can stand living/afford in a grimey shitbox so NYC ain't fo me. One of my favorite moments from the weekend was walking 30 min home at 3am from the bar area and experiencing the liveliness of the city. We went to a bar/club called Beauty & Essex which had a fake pawn shop in front and a door in the back that revealed a large posh club. We also barely made it out of NYC. Hurricane Sandy was on its way in and we caught the last Sunday flight out to Seattle.


The girls

Inside Sensation

Confetti, lasers, madness

It was all kinds of colors in there

People flew

Delicious recovery juice the next day

Recovery meal - Ootaya

Katz deli lives up to the hype. Next time I'll try the pastrami. Fries were good too

$1 pizza lives up to the hype too. 2 bros. pizza in East Village.

Shake shack on the last day- delicious meat

Sang Mi, Calvin, May and I also ate at Le Bernardin on Thursday night. The photos didn't turn out too well, but it was a great, filling meal. Pics are on flickr.


SF, Wolf Gang, and more

Since hiking Poo Poo Point, the following occurred (blog has become a statement of record... free time for blogging has been in short supply lately):

Attended Sang Mi's coworker's wedding

Visited San Francisco. Ate with my family a few times: Japanese food at Okazu-Ya on Taraval with dad and aunt3, Prime Rib dinner with all family at Garden Club in South San Fran, small plates at Alembic, late dinner at Delfina, and Ike's sandwiches. Activities were: went to Golden Gate Park and Academy of Sciences (overpriced, but neat exhibits), walked around downtown for some shopping, hung out in the Mission at night with Guru/Minnie/Jerry/Karma. Went to Elbo Room, Beauty Bar, and Shakey's for shakes.

Albino Alligator

Tentacle pr0n

In the aquarium

Baby ostriches

Jelly fish

Snacks at Alembic. My first Pisco Sour

Us by the Ferry Building

Munching on Ike's in front of the Bay Bridge

Came back from SF and went to the Chocolate Festival downtown

Our pick-ups. The green tea one was delicious

This past weekend we had some friends over for dinner then on Sunday went to the Wolf Gang show. Frank + Derol and The Royal Concept opened for them. It was rare to see 3 great bands in one night.

Frank + Derol (Miley Cyrus's sister is the guitarist)

The Royal Concept - Indie Synth Pop Rock band from Sweden. They sound like Phoenix

Wolf Gang