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Personal best

Had a great jog yesterday- worth the blisters. I'm finally learning to enjoy jogging. The cooler weather yesterday probably helped my performance. Growing up with asthma hampered my running activities during my school years, but this summer I decided to work at it slowly and try to 'learn to run'. My overall pace is still slow but it's the fastest and longest jog I've had in my life.


Poo Poo Point

Did a short hike to Poo Poo Point with Sang Mi and Thuan. The view at the top was decent and we got to watch paragliders take off.

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August in pictures

Not in chronological order...

Went canoeing for the first time with Allen Mark, Cesar, and Allison. Cesar and I were hit by an unexpected wake. Fun.

@ Hempfest with SM and elephant ear

Laid out at Madison Beach Park


Tramanh's photos of Kaskade

Did a lot of jogging along Myrtle Edwards Park

and some hiking:

PAX 2012; Aziz came to visit

Fighting an Alien in a loader

Friends w/ Popcap @ PAX

Alki beach day w/ Malvin+Tumanh; the boys riding dirty, blasting 2 Chainz

My new favorite party game: Cards Against Humanity


View from Amazon offices in SLU