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Been listening to these songs lately (liking Wale and 2 Chainz especially)

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Nocturnal Justice


The last week of April was crazy. All of April in fact. I got the offer from Popcap in mid April, gave my 2 weeks and just quietly worked and waited to GTFO. The combination of an auspicious weekend which rolled into my last 3 days of work led to nonstop partying. On my last day of work, I saw Justice with Tu/Tram/Mathiew.


Flew out on Friday to go to Nocturnal Wonderland. Barely ate a thing and went straight to the outdoor dance fest. Amazing night. Crashed, woke up and did it again. Drove to Houston to eat, rest and fly back to start my new job the next day. Artists I saw: Day 1: Bingo Players (great), Röyksopp (euphoric), Tiësto (euphoric), R3HAB (closer), Datsik (I mistakenly ran toward the stage thinking it was Araabmuzik lulz) Day 2: Adventure Club (they remixed Rick Ross, interesting dubstep group), Chromeo (full set), Morgan Page (day 2 fun), STS9 (Heard Scheme out of my left ear while sitting down at the Steve Aoki stage), and Calvin Harris (barely remember).


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