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PillowTalk at ETG

4/20 Friday- started at Barca, then went to ETG and saw PillowTalk. They were great. Fun crowd was really into the music.

I was hiphop that night

Ate at Serious Biscuit for AM's birthday weekend on Sat. The fried chicken biscuit was gud.

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Slaughterhouse live at Showbox

Royce da 5'9", Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Crooked I
Killed it. Great show, good energy from the crowd. They didn't play The One though.

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In the late 90s I was a wannabe skater. I wasn't very good mainly because I didn't skate enough or had enough friends who skated as well. Had a buddy Luke who I skated with on tennis courts and we would bring a folded up table around to use as a platform. Had a Think skateboard deck, thunder trucks, lucky bearings, and spitfire wheels. Put some sanrio stickers on the bottom (why?!). Wore Globe and Etnies shoes (still do). Could only do a basic ollie, pop shuvit, old school kickflip, and stance switch. I especially remember owning this skate video by Girl (I still wear their tshirts) called Mouse. Skate videos back then introduced me to some great music.

Still love and appreciate skateboarding. That's why I've played every Tony Hawk and EA Skate game since they came out.

Watched this one the other day

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Kasabian at Showbox

Awesome hard English rock. They remind me of Stone Roses mixed with Oasis. Great show - the lead singer was a complete rockstar. Me and Calvin celebrated my Popcap offer at Kasabian, Tu+Tram went to see Miike Snow at Paramount, we met up afterward to continue celebrating.

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