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SF hours

As of today, 335 hours into SSFIV(AE2012) and 120 hours into SF4. 10 hours on PC makes for a total of 465 hours into the game. Pretty damn good for a game that's been around since 09.



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Cults, Rosebuds, Hood Internet

Listened to The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and Cults on Friday.

Stumbled upon this awesome remix: Das Racist x Cults - Go Hahahaha

Which led to learning about The Hood Internet- awesome remixes of indie x rap

The Hood Internet - The Rosebuds - Get Up Get Out (The Hood Internet Remix)

Full mixtape:

Which then led to me discovering The Rosebuds

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New Order, Oakland 2005 is a repository of setlists submitted by fans. Pretty cool site to bring back memories of your favorite shows. Here's the set list from my favorite band New Order when I saw them with Jerry and Karma in Oakland. The Chemical Brothers opened for them- awesome show. I remember Bernard Sumner seemed defeated to sing Blue Monday at the very end. He layed on the ground for most of it.

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Hong Kong in 1961

The Hong Kong my parents grew up in

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