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Dayton 240W Sub Amp + Clark Synthesis TST209 = omg

The old Yamaha amp couldn't handle driving the two transducers at 4ohm anymore- it just clicked off when any signal starts to feed the shakers. It's ok though- it was only a matter of time till I wanted a proper amp to drive them. What a huge difference the Dayton Audio SA240-B 240W makes. I had to wire the transducers in series in order to get them to work (great tech support from parts-express)- no more L/R effects- L/R was too subtle to make the distinction anyway since they were both mounted close together.

The chair is now pretty much a body massage chair now. Songs with thumping bass feels like a punch to the kidneys. Awesome to sit it in it and let the music wash over me. Have yet to try it with a driving game, but I'm sure it's just as amazing.


Crying Spell, Good Hurt

The Crying Spell were good- sounded better live than their studio album. Derivative, but enjoyable 'New Wave' sound. The best songs of the night were cover songs. Crying Spell covered Moving in Stereo, How Soon is Now, and The Good Hurt covered Valerie and Bizarre Love Triangle. The crowd turned college frat-house once Good Hurt came on. Good Hurt sounded better on the album- Tramanh and I left before they played In Her Name.

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Small Dinner Tubing

Went tubin'. Tu made this awesome video on his contour

Small dinner gathering snowballed into

Rock band fest


Fascination Movement, Sports

Great music at Chop Suey tonight- new wave pop 80s revival with variety.

My favorite band of the night: Fascination Movement. They sound like a mix of New Order, The Smiths, and Depeche Mode.

Sports had a similar new wave sound; a little darker.

Pegasus Dream

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