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Blackalicious, Freestyle Fellowship

Freestyle Fellowship

Freestyle Fellowship opened for Blackalicious. Hype performance, didn't know Aceyalone was in the group. Blacklicious was awesome as well.


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It was hard to see her, she's short, I'm short

What it looked it from where I was

Opening band, YACHT

Thursday and Friday shows. Got 3 day all-access pass to the CityArts Festival with friends. Robyn @ Paramount Theatre. Didn't know Robyn had such a huge gay fanbase. Her music was very electro-ravey-dancey. Next night, Katie and I went to Chop Suey- ran into Matthiew and friends there too. Was looking forward to Blue Sky Black Death the following night but they cancelled last minute. USF was good. Big Spider's Back performed but I missed him. His new album is great too.

Robyn Setlist Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA, USA 2011

USF (Universal Studios Florida)

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Fishing Mukilteo

It was cold

Thuan and I went with Peter and Kat to the Mukilteo fishing docks. Bought some beginner fishing gear and Peter taught me how to fish. The crabbing was better than the fishing though. Caught about 7 or 8 crabs, mostly red rocks. Peter got pinched by a crab bad- broke skin and wouldn't stop bleeding. Note to self to bring thick gloves next time. Saw some gnarly sea stars too.

My fishing only yielded small flounders and one lucky crab snag (female though). Friendly Korean fisherman there was very chatty and taught us a bunch of stuff and helped me untangle my line a bunch of times. I think he mentioned he owns the Yummy Teriyaki in Lynnwood. Fishing gets pretty nasty after handling guts, bait, and sea water crap.

My first catch

Female with eggs

The tentacle broke off shortly after this pic was taken 🙁

Hair turned into fro-pubes from wearing the wool cap all day

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The Naked and Famous @ Showbox

The Chain Gang of 1974

Great concert- venue is even better than I remember. Last time I was at the Showbox I saw Stars - back then I was big into taking photos of bands so I'd go early and get a spot up front. Ear drums paid for it, but the photos were worth it. Lately, not so much... more important to be closer to the bar and a respectable distance from the loud music. Ima40yrold.

The Naked and Famous were great. 200 guys fell in love with Alisa the lead singer tonight I bet. I know I did.

Signed poster came with the Giltcity ticket

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