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Training goals

Conquered. New MIN.

What is life without progress and development- stagnant. 2011 has been quite the year of change for me. One of my goals this year was body transformation - achieved earlier this month went I got down to 155. This morning I weighed in at 153! I want to stay somewhere between 150 and 155 but lean and strong. I may have the lean part down but today I'm back to my previous strength: repped 65s; a weight I used to rep back when I was 175-180lbs! I certainly had the mass (and fat) back then but I'm amazed at how fast strength comes back. It's only one of many exercises I need to get better at, but it feels good to accomplish something. New goals for the coming year will be to: increase pullup count (need to get a bar somehow), lower body fat, increase cardio endurance, and improve overall strength (lower body lacking since I quit Sammamish Club and stopped squatting and deadlifting). Definitely have the head start on New Year's Resolutions.

Training reminder to self:

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Alki Sea Kayak Tour

Went on the Elliot Bay Tour with Justin on Saturday. Stupid Strava app got messed up and didn't save the GPS data of where we went. The kayak tour was nice except for the sea-sickness. Didn't puke, but felt slight nausea the entire time. Got to see some harbor seals though!

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Bitch Salad

[10:17] <@capbook1> diu pos Rise the fattest
[10:17] <@capbook1> "Go get a bowl of chowder then we'll go eat dinner"
[10:18] <@capbook1> Then calls me a bitch for ordering a salad...... while Rise orders a salad.

[10:18] <@Rise-Wrk> yours was a bitch salad though
[10:18] <@Rise-Wrk> mine had bacon

[10:18] <@capbook1> diu chicken and goat cheese and apples?
[10:18] <@Rise-Wrk> yeah, bitch salad
[10:18] <@foombuntu> HOL
[10:18] <@capbook1> =(
[10:18] <@foombuntu> BOTH ORDERED SALADS
[10:19] <@capbook1> diu after caps had bowl of clam chowder.. then ordered tomato bisque at the salad place
[10:19] <@foombuntu> diu to be fair to kevin, as far as salads go, anything with apples is pretty pos gay
[10:19] <@foombuntu> two soups and a salad, caps such a hater of foods

[10:19] <@Rise-Wrk> my salad had parmesan crusted fried chicken, bacon, avocado
[10:20] <@foombuntu> omfg rise wins the battle of less gay dinner choices

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Songs in heavy rotation lately:

The Mt Eden remix is great as well

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