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This is the manliest yoga bag ever made. Manduka Mat Sak. It's got pockets up the yin yang, buckles, mesh, more pockets, and comes in a macho 'charcoal' color. The only way to make this bag less manly is to bedazzle it in sequins and glitter. It fits my Jade yoga mat and yogitoes towel with lots of room to spare.

My late summer regime has been mountain biking/yoga/weights. Come winter I'll swap biking for snowshoeing and get back into kickboxing again. Life should be a balance of physical, intellectual, and emotional health/interests. Juggling activities that cultivate these three have been keeping me busy. Lately it's been feeling like another Reinvention of myself- as hard as I work to be productive, it feels fucking awesome to let loose too #feelsgoodman Why wait for News Year's Resolutions? Fuck that. 4 MONTH HEAD START.


Clipped in

Went for a short ride at Soaring Eagle. I swapped pedals and went back to SPDs. After going from SPDs back to platform and now back to SPDs - I can really tell the difference in efficiency of pedaling. Not having my feet leave the pedals on bumps really helps with powering through some trickier spots.

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PAX 11

What happen. So jaded this year - last time I was excited and grabbing free t-shirts/schwag - this year I casually walked around and didn't even play anything. Looking forward to a bunch of games coming out: CounterStrike:GO, SFxTekken, RAGE, Dance Central 2, new Ass Creed. Most fun had was playing Warsow (quake 3 clone) with buddies in the PC Free Play room. I played some CSS on LAN and rocked - still got the skills.

More shitty pics here

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Bag Raiders

Bag Raiders = awesome. Short set though. I think they only played from 10:30 to 11:30. That was the longest and shortest Wednesday night ever. The bouncer with epic moustache at The Croc was so nice.

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