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Dirtfish Rally School (part 1)

Best groupon ever. $325 for a 1/2 day Rally Lesson. We learned the fundamentals of shifting the weight of the car using the throttle and brake and also left-foot braking. Started on the skidpad, then the slalom, and finally the Boneyard course. Perfect day - started dry and then rained a little bit toward the end. The school is built on an old mill and basically looks like a gymkhana location. Old large buildings around, different surface types all over. They said last month there was a Rally Cross even there and they had a 70ft jump for the pros like Tanner Faust.

Had a shit-eating grin the entire time. Incredibly fun to throw the car sideways into turns. Gratifying to to figure out where to turn the wheel to begin the drift- depends on your speed and the angle of the turn; then using left-foot braking to control the slide and positioning for the next turn.

I've been looking into buying a 2nd car (w/ manual gearbox) since it's more fun to be in control of the gearing. I'm torn. Either buy 1 nicer daily driver, or a 2nd crappier car. Probably just going to save the money for later.

More pics here


Camping and Block Party

Haven't camped in years. Past weekend Allen/Allen/Thuan/Will (2nd day) - car camped at Lake Chelan. Beautiful place. Got there Friday night, left Sunday. Didn't do much except just lounge around, grill, get unsober and float on the lake. Note to self: reserve campsite 59 next time. Better to be right on the lake.

Got back Sunday and immediately left for Cap Hill Block Party. Hit the bars and then got to see Explosions in the Sky. Post-rock is ...zzzzzz live, hence the zzzzzz picture.


You & Me

Taking a look at my there were a couple of songs I've had on repeat this week:

The story behind the song is fascinating... read more here - but the gist is that the identity of the group went unknown for a long time because it was a just a demo recorded for a long-gone studio and then sold at an estate sale. Still need to see Blue Valentine. Pretty sure I'll feel like shit after though.

Embarrassingly enough Monday or Tuesday I had Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) on repeat. Was it a flashback from the weekend - dun wanna know. Leg is healing up - slowly. I can't feel it if I drink enough. Color is mostly gone. Bump is still there. Can't wait to get back on the bike.

Been using google music at work. Having my library on my home PC synced to the cloud is neat. So is scrobbling via chrome extension.

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Summer BBQ

Party in the Q-U-A-H. 30+ people came. Neighbors came and crashed the party. Cops parked outside the house for the longest time - we got the bright idea to play NWA - Fuck Da Police - no issues. 4 dogs. 1 pot of pho. 3 salads. Bajillion hotdogs. 1 black out drunk. 3 crashed and slept on couches. Hell of a mess to clean up.

Photosynth here

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