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Heard on Howard today that Leslie West had his leg amputated. I'm not the only one with leg issues. Get well soon, to the both of us.

My favorite Mountain song For Yasgur's Farm - It was dedicated to the farm Woodstock was held on, but I think the song is about lost love. Great lyrics and melody.

Who am I but you and the sun
A sad reflection of everyone
Was it me who let you walk away?
Were you the one or is it we're the same?

What are we in time going by?
The simple story of a younger life
Half in dreams and somehow thru the day
We haven't come so far to lose our way

Look at me
I believe it's true
You're a part of me
I'm a part of you

Love is only what we come to live
The waking, breathing, and all we give
A crystal passing reflected in our eyes
Eclipsing all the jealousy and lies

Quiet as the voices in a dream
Without you, shadowed, the things I see
Remember the evening I let you walk away
Were you the one or is it we're the same?


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SF, in food

Went back to SF to visit family and friends- and Father's day. Some pics from the trip, of food. Mountain biking injury post will be next once I get more daily shots of the developing contusion and hematoma.

Roli Roti - the fat from the chicken and porchetta drips onto the potatoes below

Porchetta sandwich - Heritage family-farmed pork loin rolled into the pork belly & spiced with fresh organic herbs and the crispy skin left on, sliced onto fresh-baked Acme bread and topped with spicy local market greens and our housemade carmelized onion marmalade. Garnished with grey sea salt & bits of crispy skin

Took my Dad to Jack's Prime on Thursday. Good burgers. Not mind blowing, but good. Swiss cheeseburger

Dimsum on Friday morning at Hong Kong Lounge with Aunt3 and Dad. My new favorite dimsum place. All the standards were updated and delicious.

Baked BBQ Pork Bun was awesome. The top was like a 'pineapple bun'

Huge cha siu so and black sesame roll- I used to eat this all the time as a kid. I can't remember why I stopped... it's delicious! Maybe because I haven't seen it very often.



Great song; great dollhouse-related video is a bonus. Soft mellow music on my playlist lately.

Rhapsody link

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Favorite 5-second Films

Late for Work
Mr Forgetful
'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Test Screening
The Pearly Gates
Magic Show Volunteer
And the winner is
Absence of the Towels
Guns a' Blazin'
A Perfectly Innocent Question
Sex Kitten

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