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Strangers, again

What a well-done video. Everyone who has been through a long relationship can probably empathize.

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Beach House

Moody-music lately much Kevin? This blog has had a major music focus lately. I guess it's to make up for lost time. Been a long time since I've last seen a show. I remember going so often when I first moved to Seattle. Grooveshark is amazing btw. Listen to Beach House streaming.

Mind blown. What a coincidence. Their song 'Master of None' was sampled by The Weeknd (see earlier post).

The Weeknd

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The Weeknd – Wicked Games

Did I already post about The Weeknd? Can't remember. The entire album is great. Moody, dark, sexy.

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Skrillex – Reptile Theme

omfg more MK hype + music fan service. Skrillex doing songs for the new MK coming out next week. Must get.

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