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UFC Fight Night 24

My first fighting event. Many thanks to Peter and Kat for the hook up on the 1st row tickets. The atmosphere was electric with plenty of drunk obnoxious guys bro-ing out. Even a couple of fights in the nosebleeds that distracted the crowd. Most of the fights were underwhelming but the best was the Garcia vs "Korean Zombie" Jung.

Garcia vs Jung:

and the first twister-submission in the UFC:

Someone getting pounded:

Headlining fight: Nogueira vs Davis

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Mild – Unloveable

Can't stop listening to this Thai song. T-pop phase? Only if there's more ladyboys leading me to it -_-

Here's the talented ladyboy version. I think I like this one more
Her fanpage

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More transducing

I swear I'm finally done with the race cockpit. No more. Total embargo on any other accessories for it. Cacao to race seats.
Added another Clark Synthesis TST209 for full left/right channel effects. Now I feel effects from both sides of the car when playing GT5. Another bonus is how thrilling it makes playing FPS games. Grenades and explosions are really jolting and startling. More people should experience this 'third dimension' of sound; gamers and home theater enthusiasts especially. It's pretty cheap and gives great bang for the buck.


GT5 photomode

is really cool. Aperture, focus, exposure, etc settings. LFA is my new favorite car in the game. So easy to control the drift. Excuse the busted front-end.

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