Bento Box Bits of everything



I almost forgot I had a GBA SP. My brother in law found it in a rental car and gave it to me. I didn't have many games for it (this was before I knew about those SD-slot carts); but I did get Astroboy: Omega Factor

Awesome game. It was like a shooter/beat em up side scroller

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PC gamin’

Logitech Wingman Extreme

I think was a $60 joystick back when I got it... I was so hype for X-Wing vs Tie Fighter that I got a joystick especially for it. It had a throttle and a ton of buttons so it was cool. Ergonomic and Suction cups on the bottom too. I wasn't even a huge star wars fan. Like I said before; just a fan of gaming peripherals.

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The project that won’t end

Race seat in progress night 4.
We're sanding down the edges of our seat bases to prep for primer and paint later this week. Still undecided on whether I should get some carbon fiber vinyl to stick on it.

Garry smearing doodoo. (Wood filler)


Race seat in progress day 3

We ran into an issue where there was not enough space for a bolt and nut if the rails were directly attached to the base board. Garry came up with the idea of shimming up the rails with a board, and cutting a corner out to allow access to the nut. All because the Celica seat rails are different lengths. In total, the project took about ~11 hours to get to this point.

Board used for shimming Side view of boards and the second base board to add height

Mario practicing for the new Fast n Furious movie:

Garry doing the test drive:

The wheel stand and chair are still at Garry's house for an upcoming race night with an expected 3 setups for head to head racing. I also want to sand down the rough edges and either paint it or cover it in some vinyl or felt. Once it's finally in my house I'll call it COMPLETE!