Bento Box Bits of everything


Birthday Pizza

Anchovy, Mushroom, and Olives.

I fuckin' love Anchovies.

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Beyond the game

Another SF documentary coming out!

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Cheap Kinect Mount on Samsung LED TV

Ghetto rigged the kinect. Saw someone else do something similar on avsforum so I got some inspiration. Works better above the TV than below now. Don't have to be so far from the TV to play anymore.

Less than $10 worth of parts from Lowes. Velcro and two corner brackets. Mounted the brackets to the TV with heavy duty velcro and then used general purpose velcro for the Kinect itself. I read elsewhere that the official Kinect PDP mounts doesn't work with the thin Samsung LED TVs.The PS3 eyetoy clip works but I didn't like how it would be visible from the front. Hope this post helps others in figuring out how to mount their Kinect to their thin TVs.

Also got the plantronics under-ear xbox mic today; works really well under my wireless headphones. I've been through 4-5 xbox headsets already and I was sick of it replacing them. Hopefully this Plantronics one was built to last.

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Vinnie Paz

I'm a bit late to this, but Vinnie Paz is the shit. Heard about him from David Arquette on the Stern show. He's a part of Jedi Mind Tricks and Army of Pharaohs. One of the grittiest, gravelly voices in rap.

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