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Run it back

I love documentaries about videogames. Bonus if it's about fighting games. Wish I could have seen Bang the Machine when it was still available. Here's a new one in a series called Run It Back - The Road to SoCal Regionals by Zaid "RedRapper" Tabani. Here's where I first heard of RedRapper:

Also check out:

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Turquoise Jeep Records

I can't tell if I'm being trolled here; but it don't matter since the music is somehow stupidly addicting. Are these guys like a lo-fi version of Die Antwoord or something? Whether or not the music and videos are intentionally terribad, I just want more. Keep it coming Yung Humma, Slick Mahony, Flynt Flossy and crew

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cquence – rugged n buckwild

I bumped this album so much in college. I got caught up in the import car scene and volunteered for this startup that sold autographed girly posters at shows. One of the guys there got me into cquence. They're like the asian 2 Live Crew of R&B.

and one of their more legit songs that got radio play:

Link to their old kamikaze records page here
Gonna copy/paste it here in case it goes down.

Sean “Sexy”, Gary “Gordo Beezy”, Genaro “B-Freaky”, and Tea “Crazy” make up the controversial Bay Area based quartet better known as Cquence. A blend of “Jagged Edge” and the “2 Live Crew”, best describes the sound and message these guys are trying send. Lock up your daughters because they’re out to prove that boy bands don’t wanna just hold hands anymore.

“We decided to write music that reflected our interests and experiences in the times we live in,” Tea said. Understanding the criticism from media and community organizations, they are taking the “Freedom of Speech” clause to the edge. “We know that we are taking the risk of offending some people, but that’s the beauty of expression. Everyone is free to interpret our music differently and make up their own minds and judgments.”

Their debut album entitled “Rugged N’ Buckwild” released in the summer of 2001 has already sent chills down the backs of parents and been BANNED from several record stores due to its lyrical content. The album was conceived at FM Studios, home of Super Producers Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy (En Vogue) and mixed by Steve Counter (Tupac, Digital Underground, E-40 and Eric Benet).

The group has been currently touring on the west and starting to break ground over in Atlanta and the southern states. According to Genaro: “ We love performing our music, we love our audience, and when we’re on stage, it’s the closest thing to heaven on earth. The energy from the audience charges us and enables us to convert our talent and passion into an unbelievable performance.” This includes on stage antics with comedy skits and sexy girls in skimpy clothes doing their thing for the crowd.

Featured on “Promo Only” (nationally distributed CD compilation sent to radio programmers), their single “Freak Like U” has been a hit in several markets within the dirty south and up and down the west coast. Their second single “Keep Your Panties On” is already starting to receive radio action on the west and rapidly moving over to the east, with future titles set to be released such as MILF (Mom’s I’d like to F**k), Jailbait, and No Drama Mama, be ready for the return of the FREAKY DEEKY sound that made the west and south so popular.

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Dead Rising 2

Probably GOTY 2010 for me (excluding SSFIV!)

Zombies, casinos, malls, combo weapons, open-world, campy, and sexy. Some hi jinks that keeps me coming back for more. Currently on my 2nd play-through.

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