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Can’t copy large videos from iPhone 4?

Got a snazzy new iPhone 4 and you can't get large video files off it? I was having this same issue with a 10 minute 720p video I kept trying to transfer using Windows explorer. Windows would create a 0 byte file with the same file name. Tried this on two different PCs. Maybe it could be a WinXP issue?

Thanks to this blog post, CopyTrans is the answer.

Here's the 758mb file video:

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  1. BTW yea, I update my livejournal quite a bit still. I made that wordpress, but I felt the default wordpress on their site is a bit clunky. We have wordpress on our internal blog here in China, but I’m wondering -> is that what you got here on How’d you get the RSS working?

    I’ll probably be updating my livejournal indefinitely until I get a personal website up (which I may soon since we’re going to launch this new website and be “big shot” entrepreneurs). It helps to have a blog to talk about industry stuff, and get your name out there I guess.

    Anyway I saw this on some other guys website, thought I’d show you ->

    You can embed that in sites, kind of nifty.

  2. Yes, this blog is using wordpress. Not sure about the RSS. It just works.

    Let me know what your business website is all about. I’m dying to know what’s going to make you rich. Is it a new portal for China?

  3. There is a workaround to this. it’s not perfect but u can
    at least get the movies off the iphone. 1. Sync your phone in
    iTunes first. (make sure it backs your phone up). 2. As I am using
    windows i will show the location of the backup files in windows. if
    you are using a mac i can’t tell you but i’m sure it’s not hard to
    work out where the backups are stored. Open the following folder in
    windows explorer: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Apple
    Computer\MobileSync\Backup\ is the current user logged into
    windows. is an internal hash number created to store the backup.
    it’s random as far as i can tell. 3. yeah ok none of the files
    resemble any titles you would expect. simply sort by file size.
    locate the files you were unable to copy. in this case they should
    be the biggest files in the list ie. 500mb+ (that appears to be
    limit before this problem occurs on my phone) I had 2 movies i had
    to copy. 4. select the 2 biggest and copy them to your desktop (or
    another location of your choosing) 5. rename each file that you
    copied to : .MOV can be whatever you want. the .mov is important.
    6. open the file in itunes / quicktime or whatever and play it… u
    should be all good. As I said it’s a workaround and not a true
    solution but it does get the file off the phone at least which is

  4. Peter…if I could kiss you through a computer screen I would…I’ve been trying to get this HUGE video off of my stupid iPhone4 for MONTHS now…checking blogs all over the web to find someone who figured out the fix.

    Your solution totally kicks ass. Thank you thank you thank you…

  5. YES! This is so simple but it worked. I made a 20 mins video on my iPhone4 of a speech, then couldn’t get it off. The apple store told me to upload it to an online file storage place. but since the fuckn phone doesn’t have flash I had an issue with that also.

  6. This was great trick. Truly simple and effective solution to complex problems!

  7. Peter thank you so much.. I thought the videos of my daughters bday would be stuck on my phone forever!

  8. FYI this works for macs too. I am a PC guy, but I was helping a friend. I just did a search for the “apple computer” folder and under that was the mobile sync folder, with the backup there. Then I sorted by file size, and used the open with function to open a few and found the video I wanted. Copied it to the desktop, added .mov to end and voila. Thanks for the help!

  9. There’s a much easier way. Just go to my computer.. scanners and cameras…iPhone and you will see only your movies and photos – just drag onto your computer and delete from the iPhone and you are done.

  10. Mike, your problem only works for files below a certain size. These people are talking about LARGE files. Your solution DOES NOT work in that situation. I’ve been there.

  11. Once you get the large file onto your computer safely… how do you delete it from your iPhone… so that you can fit stuff on it again? : )

  12. Lauren, if the file is a video, you should be able to delete it from the “Camera Roll” just as you would any photo or video.

    If this does not work, and you are on Windows, if the iPhone is connected to the USB, click My Computer and there should be an icon for your iPhone as a device. Go to that, and you can delete the file, just as you would any other file on your computer.

    I imagine there is a similar way to do things on the Mac, but I am not familiar with that.

  13. Thanks PETER for the solution!! It WORKED for me!!

  14. Thx Peter – worked perfect

  15. LOL you can guarantee there’s always a ‘Mike’ about in every thread like this.

    Cheers peter.

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