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No cutsies

(3:37:23 PM) rise:
(3:37:31 PM) rise: would you let jason bateman cut you in line haha
(3:37:39 PM) parlance: nope
(3:37:46 PM) parlance: i woudln't let anyone cut in front of me

(3:38:03 PM) rise: not even... Paul McCartney
(3:38:06 PM) parlance: nope
(3:38:12 PM) rise: serious!
(3:38:16 PM) parlance: why would i
(3:38:18 PM) parlance: seriously

(3:38:31 PM) rise: what if he gave you an autograph
(3:38:33 PM) parlance: i hate letting people cut in front of me when i drive
(3:38:38 PM) parlance: who cares

(3:38:42 PM) rise: an autographed LP
(3:38:47 PM) parlance: maybe if he bought me my phone
(3:39:09 PM) rise: paul AND ringo came up to you, after you waited a long time in a line, and would give you an autographed album
(3:39:22 PM) parlance: maybe if it was also signed by John
(3:39:28 PM) rise: gimme a fucking break hahaha
(3:39:33 PM) parlance: serioiusly
(3:39:37 PM) parlance: i'm not joing
(3:39:44 PM) parlance: i take my time seriously
(3:39:54 PM) parlance: and he wouldn't be jsut cutting in front of me
(3:40:03 PM) parlance: he would be cutting some other people

(3:40:16 PM) rise: ok, what about Obama
(3:40:22 PM) parlance: hell no
(3:40:29 PM) parlance: there isn't one person
(3:40:32 PM) parlance: NOT ONE
(3:40:42 PM) parlance: i would need substantial compensation

(3:40:55 PM) rise: a BJ from Megan Fox
(3:41:31 PM) parlance: lhahah
(3:41:44 PM) parlance: i suppose that is compensation enough

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iPhone 4

Writing on my new iPhone 4. This screen is amazing. My 3GS screen looks blurry in comparison.
Big difference between the non-updated hi-res icons and the hi-res ones.

Click image for full res

I'll miss my skinned gameboy iPhone though. Good bye love, I hardly knew ye

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HK etc

Update: Due to lameness/laziness, I forgot write about the wonders of the Octopus card and how the MTR is so not the same. So instead, check out The Book on Flim Flamming to read about how convenient and awesome the Octopus card is.

What else did I do in HK... mainly just eat and hang out. So much has changed since I last was in HK 16 years ago. Tons of new malls and buildings were erected; but at the same time it feels it hasn't changed much. The same ol' MTR, the same trams, buses (all AC'd now), and taxis. I didn't remember seeing so many Westerners in HK back then. It seemed like 1 out of 5 people was a whitey in Central. Almost everyone is capable of speaking English now.

Me and Dad at Stanley, on the first day I arrived

A rare clear view of HK from across the bay. This was taken from near the pier.

The pier keeps getting extended out as they add in more landfill. Kowloon and HK are getting closer and closer. Here's a pic of the fill from the American Club in Central. The road, and everything to the left of it is new. When I was a kid, I don't remember having to walk a long walkway to get to the pier. Very few people take the ferry now anyway.

From the tram

Wasted a day looking for joystick parts, only to find they aren't sold in Mong Kok or Sham Shui Po computer centers. Didn't see many places selling MadCatz sticks either. Most were selling Qanba sticks.

Hung out with long-time IRC friend Guillaume and his girl Helen. Spent a lot of time in arcades. Last time I was in HK I wasn't old enough to get in. Kicked ass and got my ass kicked at SFIV, he beat me ez at KOF.


Nasty arcade controls at an arcade that allowed smoking

Some para para pros at the huge Kowloon Bay arcade in Telford Plaza:

I tried to find this coin-pushing game I saw in Japan, but didn't see it in HK

We went to Wong Tai Sin temple and also the Peak

iPhone HDR app not bad

Caught World Cup fever and over paid for it:

Really weak stinky tofu from a stand in Mong Kok, the Taiwan stinky tofu is way better (and stinkier)

Cheesey eggettes from Mong Kok

Hunan Sour and Spicy noodles in TST

McDs delivers if you over more than $66 HKD. After 9pm they have double filet o fish.

Rest of the pictures of HK are here

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Om nom nom

Why do some Chinese people eat so loudly. It's not just the mainlanders. On the Japan tour there was a HK couple who smacked their lips while eating and talked with their mouth full. Could it be a cultural thing? Like how the Japanese slurp their noodles. It's gotta be a habit defined by class right? All the "new money" folk coming from China bring their hometown etiquette with them. I'm in the airport right now and this guy is smacking his lips, slurping his noodles and gargling his soup. Maybe it's just some really high level foodie method of insta-aerating his food for max flavor enhancement.

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