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Memory has just been sold

No thanks to Peter, I've been addicted to J. Geils Band's Centerfold for the past week. Doesn't help that the song is in Lips either. I'll look back upon this entry later, see how dorky I was, and then probably get addicted to the song again.

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In progress

Back in January, I was browsing the SRK forums and came across this beauty. Loved the clean look and style and wanted something similar so on a whim I contacted the builder, godspu. We worked up a concept involving a pearl white finish with windows and LEDs to show off the dual-console guts. Here's some pics of it in progress. Now that SSFIV is out I can't wait much longer for the finished product.

pearl_case DSC00479 DSC00515

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Decided to take the plunge and upgrade this wordpress. I've been fine until 2.9 when wordpress started requiring MySQL 5.0. Unfortunately my 1and1 database was on 4.0. I found this helpful guide on how to migrate my DB. Better than the official 1and1 guide because the official guide left out the part about deleting 3 crucial lines. Don't forget to add this to your htaccess to enable auto-upgrading.

Now to test out some features...