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Been staying at Cindy's grandma's house for the past 3 days now. This is more like the home-life I knew during my summers in HK. Dirty, grimy, hard-water stained old-person's home. Just like my own grand parents' place. That was even dirtier and I had to sleep on a mat or a fold-out vinyl bed. It must be the humidity because everything is rusted here. Glad we came during this time since there aren't that many mosquitoes so far. And the ones we encounter, Cindy is adept at killing them with the electric tennis racquet. The alley-markets remind me of when my mom took me around as a kid in HK. Where else do you find fish vendors on one side and cheap clothing on the other, a mere 10 ft away.

The food is delicious here. Although everything has corn starch. It helps to fill you up I suppose.



Been here two days so far. Feels like we did so much. Lots of walking, no wonder Taiwanese people aren't fat. Went to Watson's across the street to buy some supplies; reminded me of my childhood summers in HKG. My grandparent's flat was in Sheung Wan and we had a Watson's next door and for some reason I thought they sold toys there so I would always ask my mom to take me.

Haven't been in such an urban Chinese place in over 15 years; it's weird. It feels like HKG here but more spacious and clean. But only marginally. People seem to be nicer here too.

Pics here

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Valuable or odd lesson. I dunno. Either way, it's memorable. When I used to go shopping with my mom and I needed to use the toilet, my mom would make me ask the workers. I would beg and insist that my mom ask for me. But I remember how my mom would force me to speak up and talk to strangers when needing something. One of those random little life lessons I remember from my mom.

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