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No games!

Went back home for the long weekend. Got lots of DS and PC gaming in with all the free time. I played Retro Game Master and Plants vs Zombies.

Retro Game Master is awesome. Multiple old school Famicom-like games with specific challenges. The games are full blown games; the RPG and Ninja Gaiden-like games were really fun. The last challenge I have yet to beat is beating all the games; I'll have to grind it out for awhile since many of the games are unforgiving. Thankfully there's in-game 'magazines' you use to find cheat codes and hints.

Plants vs Zombies
I love casual 'protect your base' games. Besides the typical flash ones on the internet, I loved Ninja Town on DS which I played all the way through. This one is kind of different because it's a linear play field. Zombies stay in their own lanes. Game is funny and cutesy as hell. One of my favorite ending songs; almost as good as Still Alive.

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Replay value

Ongoing obsession. SF IV has lasting replay value. Every time I think I'm getting bored of the game I start using another character and it's like a whole new world. I've been using Blanka and Guile more lately; though it isn't reflected in my character usage rates. Fuerte and Rufus were the two previous characters I was using so they've moved up the list.

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How to get out of a field trip

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The True Meaning of Open-Mindedness

The video contents should be required learning for all school children.

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