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Underneath the Stars

Every year after Sasquatch I come away with a deeper appreciation of a particular band but not till after I re-listen to their music. Last year I only fell in love with Arcade Fire after seeing them live and after another listen to their albums.

It took awhile for me to appreciate The Cure's performance this year at Sasquatch; mainly because now I can match the songs they played there to their new album. One particular song "Underneath the Stars", played as the opening song at Sasquatch, was very moving. Being literally underneath the stars that night, I long to experience that moment again.

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Pure Genius

One man, 64 video tracks = acapella Thriller

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Salty N' Wet has the ability to take pictures of your in-game band in various poses and even the ability to make real merchandise out of it- t-shirts, stickers, etc.

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