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Oasis at the Wamu Theatre

Cindy and I along with Peter and Kat saw Oasis last night at the Wamu Theatre. The venue was ok; next time I'd rather opt for the seats further away (at an angle) rather than the floor seats we had. It was a great show, Oasis was one of the top bands I had to see in my lifetime. They played a some of my favorite songs Supersonic, Rock N' Roll Star, Slide Away, and I am the Walrus; as well as a few of their other standbys and new songs.


Photo and article from; video from a lucky fan on youtube

Slide Away

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Since March

Since March:

  • Cindy's parents came to visit and we ate a huge snow crab
  • Karma, Jerry, Sandy and Brad came to visit and we all went to Sasquatch (see flickr)
  • While they were here we all went to Vancouver to hang out and eat
  • Cindy and I went on a couple local hikes
  • I got a new job; I am now a business analyst for
  • Cindy chose Seattle as her home base for her consulting job. Right now she's on a Microsoft project so we get to car pool together.
  • I got a toilet bidet (see flickr)
  • Went to Richmond, BC to hang out and hit a straight flush on the 3 card poker table
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Holy shit an update

Wow lots of stuff has happened since I last posted. This blog was recently exploited so that prompted me to upgrade to the latest wordpress, and since I was too lazy to upgrade my other blogs I just consolidated them into this one. More updates to come

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