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Coming up: Sasquatch 2k8

This year with the increasing number of people joining us for Sasquatch- I made a public wiki to help with organizing. Guru mentioned to me how he used pbwiki successfully as groupware. So far it's pretty cool except for the lack of being able to make a quick 'table of contents' at the top of the page like wikipedia has.

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IAM – Coupe Le Cake

Originally from Neatorama...
IAM is a French hip hop band from Marseille. Great music video and fun beat

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Incredibly guilty for not updating this blog. Had to do a quick 2 minute entry. New things that's happened:
We went to Whistler, hung out with the gang - snowshoe'd
Here's Cindy and Joyce

She likes this pic

Baked cookies

Cindy got a job in Seattle and moved up; we stopped in Portland on the drive up and had dinner with her cousin

Not too many other new events since the last update. Maybe I'll post pics from my vanilla extract making adventure. Otherwise it's the same ol' Rock Band fun too: