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I haven't taken a vacation since starting work 2 years ago - I took the opportunity to take a few days off this Thanksgiving and get the whole week off to spend with my gf Cindy who was visiting from the Bay Area. Here's the daily recount

Sunday - We went to Snoqualmie Falls for the Salish Resort breakfast but didn't feel like waiting so we just saw the Falls and left to eat breakfast at the Iris Grill in Issaquah. Then we went to Bellevue Square for some shopping and had hot pot with my brother and his family afterward.

Monday - We went on the Theo Chocolate Factory tour. Theo is one of 16 chocolate makers in the US - and they are only ones who do everything fair trade and organic. After the tour we checked out the EMP at Seattle Center as well as the Sci-fi museum. Then we picked up Tabi and Lizzy and took them to a Sushi boat restaurant and baby sat them till their parents came home. Cindy had a blast playing with them - I just watched TV.

Tuesday - We took a mini-road trip and went to Richmond, BC for some dimsum (the best!), and walked around Aberdeen Centre. Eggettes (also the best!) It was nice to walk around and jabber about all the trinkets we saw at the $2 store. On the way back we stopped at the Premium Outlets for some shopping.

Wednesday - Spent most of the day running errands, doing chores, and getting ready for Thanksgiving the next day. We went to costco and bought a slow cooker, bought groceries and got everything we needed for our pot roast.

Thursday - Got our pot roast ready for the 8-hour cooking and went out for some more errands. Made some mash potatoes and got the place ready for Lauren and Pat. Our small Thanksgiving dinner was composed of pot roast, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, green bean casserole, chicken rigatoni, sage stuffing, pumpkin pie, jello, and egg nog cheesecake. After dinner the four of us rocked out on Rock Band and finished watching Oceans Thirteen.

Friday - Lazy day recovery from Thanksgiving. Had dimsum with my brother and the fam. Got my haircut, walked around Dania for a bit and then went to Nordstrom Rack. Brought our leftovers to my brother's house and hung around - then we went to the Jet City Improv show for our evening entertainment.

Saturday - Salty's Brunch with coworkers. Had some Trophy Cupcakes - incredible. Walked around downtown a bit. We did something really wacky and recorded ourselves playing Rock Band to show friends. Please note this is incredibly embarrassing and I know I'm a horrible singer and it didn't help that I was congested as well.

Sunday - Breakfast at the Issaquah cafe (they serve a Monte Cristo sandwich! I had the homemade corned beef hash) and lazy about till it was time for Cindy to catch her flight.

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My favorite band of 07 is probably Stars. For awhile I was listening to Set Yourself on Fire nonstop, and then they released another great album In Our Bedroom After the War. So when they came to Seattle I had to see them. The Showbox was a little more crowded than I was expecting but it was still a great show.

Here they are performing my favorite song: Calendar Girl

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Puffy AmiYumi

My favorite label relations manager gave me some tickets to see Puffy AmiYumi on their US Honeycreeper tour. It was my first J-pop show and my first time at the Moore, and thankfully it was a group I was really into during my J-pop days circa 1998. Unfortunately I didn't keep up with Puffy's music after "Puffy de Rumba". The Moore was a like run-down smaller Paramount with the same horrible seats and tiny legroom.

Notes from the show:

  • Very mixed crowd - Japanese girls, grungy goateed Japanophiles, old folks, mixed couples, mixed older couples with kids and fat otakus
  • The band members had English names and Japanese names; which Ami and Yumi annunciated to the crowd: Eric (Shigeo), Van (? Shunchan ?), Jet (Jet!), Max (Pinoko?), Angus (Itsumi). Angus wore plaid shorts like Angus Young from AC/DC
  • Notable songs: Green Day Basketcase cover, Teen Titans theme, Puffy AmiYumi show theme and encore closing song was "Asia no Junshin"

More pics on my flickr - now if only Black Biscuits were to do a reunion tour...

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