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Officially a Household

Ok I think I'm officially a household now. Now that I've started living my own schedule and eating on my own now, it's been a long time coming that I get a rice cooker. I was initially unsure about whether to get a traditional bottom-heated fuzzy logic model or the new induction heat model - I just took the plunge and got the newest; I read somewhere that it prevents that rice crust from forming on the bottom since the entire container heats evenly by using magnets. This one has some special mode to make brown rice even healthier "GABA Brown Rice" It heats the rice at 104F for 2 hours before cooking to allow the rice to germinate into a more complete amino acid profile. Not sure how often I'd use that, but I plan on cooking steel cut oats in this thing as well - just program it to be ready at a certain time in the morning and bingo, wake up to fresh oatmeal.

Purchased from Amazon, sold by Very Asia

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The Go! Team at Neumos

On Monday night Lauren and I saw The Go! Team at Neumos. Super energetic action-packed fun happy dance time! I think it would have to rank as one of the top if not the best performance I've ever seen. Ninja's dance moves were awesome and the music is much more alive and clear than on the albums. They played cuts from their newest album Proof of Youth as well as their first album. Every single member was all over the place, dancing, jumping and switching up instruments with each other for different songs. Some pictures from the night:

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Master bedroom

It's quite bare, but cozy enough for me. I considered it 'complete' once I got the speakers last week. On my brother's recommendation, I went to Definitive Audio to check out their open-box selection of bookshelf speakers - they had some B&W CM-1s which sounded amazing. I listened to other bookshelf speakers but I didn't think those had as large a sound stage, and tight bass like the CM-1s.

The speakers are powered by a Sonos ZP-100, an amplified wireless music system. Having a 2nd zone for Sonos enables some cool features: being able to link zones to "party mode" and control separate volumes; plus being able to set multiple alarms to play music is really useful.

Here's the other wall of the bedroom; there are 3 separate remote controlled motorized black-out shades. Very nice not having to manually open 3 large windows in the morning, and the black-out shading allows me to sleep in - especially since this side of the house gets the morning sun. The view isn't spectacular since the rear faces another house, but for now I can temporarily see the park across the street.

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