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It is done

It's done. After months of talking about buying a car (probably since October 06! - derailed by the house purchase) - I finally traded in my Acura CL-S for a new(er) 2006 Audi A4 2.0T quattro. Ever since the last few snowstorms here I've been adamant about having some kind of 4wd/awd; and four doors too. The timing was right - my Acura needed a lot of work done which would have been about the cost of the rapage from a dealer on my trade in.

Found the right car at the right dealership - high volume Honda dealer; didn't spend too much time haggling and I drove the car home that night. Turns out it was a Hertz rental. Only 16k miles. Came with all the options that I wanted (heated seats, Bose, Sirius radio, power everything); except for Xenon lights and Navi. I guess I can live without the cool trademark Audi xenons - but the Navi is on its way. Less than 2 days of ownership and I already ripped out my trunk to find the model # of my Sirius receiver - to prep for my RNS-E. Turns out I have the right model so I'm good to go for my plug n' play goodness. The RNS-E even has two flash mem slots for mp3 playback. Neato.

Overall I'm VERY happy about this car - handles much better than my old boat and I have no problems getting up to speed on the highway. I'm not used to all the fancy electronics - several diagnostic/check systems; and there's an annoying chime if I don't wear my seatbelt; a dashboard plastic-y buzz and a loose signaling column - but overall still very satisfied with this purchase. Next on the list is a tint job.

It was surprising how much crap I had in my Acura. Mainly a ton of CDs in the cabin and a trunk full of sports junk and my tripod. Vowing to slim down. Two pics - crap I had in my Acura & now the Audi trunk:


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  1. man, awesome caR!…modd it dont drive it at all.

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