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The Be Good Tanyas – Ootischenia

I've been addicted to The Be Good Tanyas lately. I first heard them on CBC Radio 3 (my music discovery source!) and have been on a country-indie binge ever since. Been especially loving their song Ootischenia; I think it has to something to do with a community in British Columbia. My love for the song has even spread to my friend Anita who has been playing the song on her college radio show. Check it out streaming online - Fridays at 9-11am EST.

Listen here

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Geetah update or my solution for my slippy pick

Been playing for about a year and half now and I still suck bad. One of my major struggles was my grip on my pick. I tend to hold the pick loosely for a lighter sound since I don't want to play too loudly in the house - however this leads me to always have my pick rotate or slowly fall out of my fingers. I've never been able to finish a song before because I had to stop and adjust my pick or lick my fingers for my grip.

I started by punching a couple holes into my picks but that only marginally helped. Then I found this site which has a lot of user-submitted ideas on how to fix my slipping guitar pick problem. Lots of things to try out but tonight I was able to bang out the entire "Boy who blocked his own shot" song by using some double sided tape around the pick. One less thing for my mind to worry about I guess and I was able to play with ease.

Haven't picked up the guitar in a few weeks (got back into GoW), but after tonight's pick solution I feel like I've improved a bit. Maybe I'll be able to play some more faster songs now with more confidence.


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Pillow prices – omg


Why are some throw pillows so damn expensive? I've been looking at different throw pillows ever since I started thinking about going with a neutral or earth-tone template for the great room - that way I can accessorize with "splashes of color" (hate that phrase). Probably the fabric design I suppose. Even the simplest thing can become ridiculously expensive. Hopefully I can find some nice pillows and throws at Ikea and Target so I have a stockpile of colors to mess with.

Maharam Pillow from DW

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Bebel Gilberto
Easter egg (virtual)
Cousin Tree
Versus (film)

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